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E-Series Pre-Filters

Patented high-effective flush technology, rotate the bottom part clockwise to discharge the large particles off outfall.

Siphon cleaning technology is performed by liner matrix suckers, rotate the bottom part anti-clockwise to enhance siphon effect, clean out the particles trapped in screen holes.

Upgraded both-sides scrape cleaning technology, make the rubber strip closer to outer surface of screen and inner surface of housing, clean filter thoroughly with simple clockwise and anticlockwise rotation.

Model Rated Flow Rate Filter Mesh Operating Pressure Connection Thread Ambient Temperature Water Supply Carton Dimension Gross Weight
CPF-3-E 3 m³/h 40 μm 0.1MPa~1MPa 3/4" Female & Male 1"Female & Male 5℃~40℃ Municipal 342x170x119(mm) 1.2Kg
CPF-4-E 4 m³/h Municipal 375×173×116(mm) 1.7Kg
CPF-8-E 8 m³/h 1" Female & Male 1.25" Female & Male Municipal 490x255x156(mm) 2.7Kg