No hardness leaking and offer Consistent high quality soft water

MTS systems can detect flow rates under 1gpm, which make system precise operation.
MTS systems can automatically divert the first 10-15 gallons of water to drain to insure no hardness is passed into the service line.

Low Cost

MTS systems cost up to 25% less.
MTS systems are engineered to operate at high efficiency salt settings resulting in salt savings of 30% - 45%.

More Flexibility

MTS systems with smaller tanks have equal flow rate and capacity compared to large tank & brass valve systems.
MTS systems can be expanded quickly. Additional tanks can be added to increase the capacity of the systems, when investments change or the soft water needing change.

Easier to install

MTS systems are easier to install and less occupied area.
The main controller of MTS systems is installed at a convenient to use location rather than on top the tall tanks