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Kitchen Water Filter
Model Number:KF-T-1E
Color:blue, black, grey
Optional Control Valves:BNT valves
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1) New patented Canature technology, dual outlets 4 stage kitchen filter
2) Compact size, can be installed in almost any kitchen.
3) Automatic backwash.
4) Dual water outlet at different purification level for kitchen work and direct drinking.
5) Option of UF membrane without storage tank, or RO membrane with storage tank.

 Control System  BNT-631A(T)  BNT-631A(T)
 1 Stage (within FRP)  KDF55C  KDF55C
 2 Stage (within FRP)  Coconut shell activated carbon  Coconut shell activated carbon
 3 Stage  5μm PPF  5μm PPF
 4 Stage  Food grade 10” UF membrane  Food grade 10” RO membrane
 5 Stage  Post-Activated Carbon  Post-Activated Carbon
 1 Outlet (Filtration Water)  Kitchen Tap  Kitchen Tap
 2 Outlet (Pure Water)  Goose Faucet  Goose Faucet
 Inflow Raw Water  Municipal Water  Municipal Water
 Operation Water Pressure  0.20-0.30 MPa  0.20-0.30 MPa
 Water Temperature  1-39℃  1-39℃
 Power Supply  DC 12V  DC 12V
 Optional Water Flow  ≤0.3cbm/hour or 5L/minute  ≤0.3cbm/hour or 5L/minute
 Pure Water Flow (Faucet)  1-2.5L/minutue  1-2.5L/minutue
 Suggested UF Replacement Period  8-15 months  8-15 months
 Suggested RO Replacement Period  6-12 months  6-12 months
 Inlet Connection Size  1/2”  1/2”
 Outlet Connection Size  1/2”  1/2”
 Faucet Connection Size  1/4”  1/4”
 Drain Connection Size  Φ10-12 mm  Φ10-12 mm
 Net Weight  ≤12.5 KG  ≤12.5 KG
 Product Size  360*200*485mm  360*200*485mm
 Packing Size  514*224*564mm  514*224*564mm
 Loading Qty(20'GP/40GP')  440 /880pcs  440 /880pcs