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Multiple Tanks System (MTS)
Model Number: Canature MTS System
Color: Natural, Black, and other customized
Certification: NSF, CE, RoHs,
Pressure Range: 25-125psi
Electrical: 120V/50/60Hz
Packaging Details: plain carton box packing, 1pc per carton
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1) The MTS provides continuous soft water 24 hours a day
2) Lower Cost
3)  More Flexibility
4) Easier to install
5) High Performance

Canature Commercial and Industrial Water System ---- Multiple Tanks System(MTS)

  • High Flow BNT 950 Control Valves     (Feature BNT950 control valve)
  • Tough Corrosion Resistant Pressure Vessels   (NSF approved mineral tanks)
  • Durable Brine Tanks    (High density polyethylene brine tanks)
  • High Capacity Resin    (Premium NSF 44 approved 8% cation ion exchange resin)


1:No hardness leaking and offer Consistent high quality soft water

  • MTS systems provide continuous soft water all day, alone
  • MTS systems can detect flow rates under 1gpm, which make system precise operation
  • MTS systems can provide up to 9 hours soft water during power outages
  • MTS systems can automatically divert the first 10-15 gallons of water to drain to insure no hardness is passed into the service line
  • MTS systems have a small pump recycles water when the system flow rate drops below the set point, This keeps the product water “polished” so no hardness can leak to the service line

2: Lower Cost

  • MTS systems cost up to 25% less
  • MTS systems are engineered to operate at high efficiency salt settings resulting in salt savings of 30% - 45%

3:  More Flexibility

  • MTS systems with smaller tanks have equal flow rate and capacity compared to large tank & brass valve systems
  • MTS systems can be expanded quickly. Additional tanks can be added to increase the capacity of the systems, when investments change or the soft water needing change
  • According to the consumption of soft water, MTS systems can be equipped by multiple tank size

4: Easier to install

  • MTS systems are easier to install and occupy less area.
  • The main controller of MTS systems is installed at a convenient to use location rather than on top the tall tanks

5: High Performance

  • Reduced “Hardness Channeling” at low flow rates
  • MTS flow meters can accurately measure low flow rates
  • Progressive Flow / Demand Flow operation
  • Battery back up system can meter water for up to 9 hours during power outage
  • Monitors and forecasts water usage. Automatically increases the system capacity for peak flow periods
  • 2 Extra programmable output relays (i.e. chemical pump)
  • Advanced system diagnostics for easy trouble shooting