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Model Number:BNT-RO100-C10
Adopts advanced Reverse Osmosis membrane technology with 5 stages of purification to remove chlorine, minerals, heavy metals, pesticides, and organics.
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1) DOW membrane made in USA, 75 GPD capacity, high TDS rejection for long life
2) All components and product testing meet NSF requirements
3) Innovative filter housing structure is safe, easy to change, and reliable
4) Quick connect fittings for easy installation and maintenance
5) Auto-shut off feature when storage tank is full or low pressure for safe reliable operation
6) Compact design for space saving under-sink installations
7) Automatic flush feature for longer membrane life compared to traditional systems
8) Adopts Reverse Osmosis membrane technology which precisely filters down to 0.0001mm particles.  Removes minerals, chlorine, heavy metals, and organics from water.
9) High quality and stylish appearance

Fresh : Direct flow Fresh Water.
Pure: Large capacity tank-less system (BNT-RO400-C10).
Safe:  Wetted parts molded from Food-grade materials.
High Quality Water:  Pure, Healthy, High Efficiency

 Model No. Power Rating   Flow Rate  Working Temperature  Inlet Pressure  Inlet Water  Dimesion
 BNT-RO400-C10  50W 60L/H   5-38 degree  0.10-0.40MPa  Municipal Water  390*178*482mm