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Pressure Tank
Model Number:Pressure Tank Introduction:Operation Pressure:150psi (10.5Bar) Operation Temperature:34-122°F(1-50°C) Max Vacuum:140 mm Hg Mini exposed Temperature:-30°C(-22°F)
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1) Pressure tanks are made of high performance composite material with fiber glass filament winding
2) All pressure tanks are made by a completely seamless molding technology
3) All thread inlet made from 30% glass filled PP that provides improved strength, temperature and pressure limits
4) HDPE Liner wall thickness available from 3.0 mm to 8.0 mm corresponding to the tank diameter
5) Water contact parts are made by Food-Grade materials
6) All pressure tanks are 100% rustproof and corrosion resistant
7) Full choice of pressure tank from 5"-24" in diameter and from 17"-72" in height
8) Top and bottom opening type available for selected pressure tanks
9) Reinforced composites are one third the weight of steel tanks
10) Scientific structure insure the base can endure impact and abrasion and provide better performance
11) Sleek appearance, constant dimension
12) We provide more accessories and fittings on water treatment include pressure tanks, saving you time and money


1) 250,000 times of cycle test from 0-150psi withstanding pressure (NSF's requirement is 100,000 times)
2) Burst test to FOUR times of its operating pressure (600psi)


1) Choice: Natural(Standard)black and blue (Customized color is available on request)
2) Canature also produces a special colored liner which is completely opaque to sunlight passing through, this provides a solution to algae and micro-organism growth on the side of the tank due to hot and humid weather