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L-Series Pre-Filters

Incorporated the third-generation patented cylinder pressure regulation technology, innovational design, automatically regulate the water pressure within 4 bars, ensure the appliances after pre-filter work within safe pressure value.

Double acting cylinder pressure control, wider range of pressure regulation, more accurate control.

Pressure control parts are brass forged, durable performance has been improved by more than 10 times compared with traditional diaphragm parts.

Model Rated Flow Rate Filter Mesh Operating Pressure Connection Thread Ambient Temperature Water Supply Carton Dimension Gross Weight
CPF-3-L 3 m³/h 40 μm 0.1MPa~1MPa 3/4" Female & Male 1"Female & Male 5℃~40℃ Municipal 346x183x123(mm) 2.4Kg
CPF-4-L 4 m³/h Municipal 446x210x131(mm) 2.6Kg
CPF-8-L 8 m³/h 1" Female & Male 1.25" Female & Male Municipal 490x255x156(mm) 4.3Kg